Little Deaths: Short Film

“Little Deaths” is the visual component of an MFA paper arguing that timed media and motion graphics are capable of delivering a “pregnant moment” with the same effectiveness as a still image. A “pregnant moment” is an image in which the viewer can read the past and future of the visible moment. The film, “Little Deaths”, visually illustrates a relationship that has turned bitter, but not yet ended. Each interaction between the two women, is another brick in the wall between them. Though the film shows the portrait of one specific relationship, the dynamics between the people in this relationship have the capacity to act as a stand-in for any relationship, ubiquitously.

Directed & Edited by Noël Anderson
Cinematography by Tobias Arturi

Music Written and Performed by Clare W. Moses
Title Design by Noël Anderson
Still Photography by Amanda McCoy

Leah Herbert
Stormi King

Hair by Monica Tinoco
Makeup by Alicia D'Angeol and Renee Daigreport
Beauty and Brains Design
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